Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Why not a head shave today?

'All my school day and college day I was dreaming of getting a head shave, but I don't know what's resisting me from doing that' said my friend Njnanasudharam. We call him nanu. Nanu is my school buddy, a Tamil guy. I learned most of Tamil from this handsome guy who hail from Pondicherry. We didn't have any close contact after school. I had a recent trip to chennai and I met him in a mall.
I couldn't recognise him in first sight. He has turned to a glamour mature guy with thick moustache, nice medium length hair and all. Nanu easily recognised me, he came near to me. We had some casual conversation and in between, he removed my cap on my head. Hey you Mottai(meaning bald in Tamil)?? He was surprised to see me bald.

Yes, I had a recent head shave a week back meeting nanu. There is not a story about my recent head shave, I will tell that later. But this story is exclusively about Nanu. Nanu is working in Chennai in a insurance based company. Both of us was free that day and decided to spend the day together. We decided to have some food first. We went to KFC, ordered a bucket of chicken and starting taking about our past, present and future. In between our conversation Nanu said "All my school day and college day I was dreaming of getting a head shave, but I don't know what's resisting me from doing that". I laughed at him first. Later I thought of motivate him for a head shave. I said him it's at least one time experience. The hair will grow very quick within 2 months. He finally agreed to shave his head one day. I quickly asked him why not a head shave today? He paused for a moment and said, I don't know! I thought of giving little more motivation hoping he would shave head that day. Finally he admitted there is no special occasion for him in near future and said this is the best time to shave his head bald. He didn't say that he is ready for head shave, but I thought of pushing him to this. I said in the evening we will go to barbershop straight and have his head shaved. However hee didn't say yes that time.

Soon we went for a movie in mall and turned away from topic. After movie it was like 6.30 pm, I asked him do you have any barbershop preference in town? He was shocked by my question and he said he is not ready to shave the head today and will definitely do some other day. I replied "If you re not shaving head today, you will not shave forever, Can you at least accompany me to a barbershop? I need to shave my head smooth again". I had little stubble of hair on my head, the reason I decided to shave it again is, on that day morning while shaving my beard I tired to shape the front crown of my bald head. It looked awkward, this is reason I wore cap the whole day. If I shave my head today I can let it grown without hiding it and also this is a golden chance to make Nanu bald. Nanu agreed to accompany me to the barbershop, I took him in my bike and started to search for a barbershop. First two three barbershop that we came across was crowded and finally we reached to a empty barbershop. We went inside the barbershop and I asked Nanu to sit in barberchair. He hesitated and sat in the waiting chair. I asked barber "Can you shave the head again?". The barber asked me sit and capped me immediately. He took some shaving form sprayed it in my head and used a brush is spread them evenly. With no delay he started shaving my head. During the process of shaving my head I was continuously oberserving Nanu and signaled him to shave also. I was shaved smooth so quick and the barber dusted my head with talcum powder. I asked if the barber has sandal paste(It is a tradition in Tamil Nadu to apply sandal paste in the fresh shaved head. It will give very cool effect and also disinfects the wound). He took a bottle of sandal power from shelf. I asked him to give a thick coat of sandal paste all over my head. He agreed and took the sandal powder and mixed with water to make a  thick paste. Using a brush he started applying the thick sandal paste to my head. He literally painted my bald head with the thick sandal paste. I should say sandal paste gives the best cooling effect. The cool effect along with the soothing scent of sandal paste gives us a mesmarising effect. When I stood up from barber chair, the barber turned to Nanu and asked "Ungalkum motta podanuma?". Which means "Do you want to shave head too?". Nanu was shocked to hear that from barber, he didn't say anything for sometime, he stood up and stand 'Yes'. I was shocked to hear that from him. The barber laughed and greeted him to sit. I sat down the waiting chair to see him go bald. The barber capped him and drenched his hair with water. He took a straight razor and started from the middle of Nanu's head. I could feel the fear from Nanu's face. The started shaving in all directions from middle spot. While the barber shaved Nanu's head. I started mixing the sandal paste for him for making his first experience the best one. Soon the barber made him completely bald and Nanu looked happy with his new bald face. I took the sandal paste and applied it to his bald head with my bare hands. It felt nice to massage his tender bald head with smooth sandal paste. That night went for a ride in our bike without using any cap or helmet to let cool breeze tickle our tender bald head.    

Friday, 30 December 2016

Head shave and a learning opportunity for barber

Sorry for no updates for long time. This is one of the most interesting haircut story. Please do read and share your opinion

I recently spotted Anand, my college mate outside a movie theatre. He was having a buzz haircut(appeared to be a #2 all over). Because of the huge rush outside, I didn't get a chance to approach him and talk. Anand was a cute fair guy in our college and I never saw him with a short haircut before. I was eager to know his story behind head shave so I called him the day after saying I saw him outside movie and asked him if he was free to join me for lunch on that day. He said 'Yes' immediately.

That was a Sunday and we soon met in a restaurant. We began our conversation with the movie we saw the day before. Later we started talking about some of our mutual friend. In between I asked him. 'Hey, What happened to your hair?'
'I thought of having a change in hairstyle' He said by scratching his stubble hair and he suddenly changed topic.
He was talking continuously without giving me a gap to ask about the haircut. Soon the food came and he paused his conversation. I took the opportunity and asked him 'Did you shave head or buzzed it with clipper?'
'I shaved it completely, two weeks back' he said and laughed.
'What happened?' I asked him. With a pause he started narrating the below story.

I was thinking for a head shave for a long time and finally one evening I went to a barber shop in our town to make it happen. The shop was not so cowrd. I was waiting for my chance. Soon I sat down and asked barber to shave my head. He became happy and It appeared he was waiting for someone to ask for head shave. At the shop there was a young guy who helped the barber to clean the floor. The barber shouted at the guy saying "aap seekhane ke lie ek sir mila"(meaning you got a head for learning).  I was shocked to hear that and looked at the barber confused. The barber politely requested 'This guy is my apprentice, I'm worried to give him my customers to start learning haircut. Since you are ready to shave head, would you give him a chance to try a haircut and then I will shave your head completely bald?'
I confused first but the situation looked okay to give the young guy a chance. The barbershop was empty by that time and also I didn't have anything to do for the evening. I asked the barber
'Will it take too long?'
'We will give him a 20mins for a haircut and I will shave your head soon after that' he replied.
'Go ahead' I said with a smile.
'You asked for a razor head shave right?' the barber asked. I didn't mention anything about a razor shave before and actually I planned of getting a #2 clipper shave. But I didn't disagree at that time and decided to go razor bald. I said a loud 'Yes' nodding my head. Soon the young boy capped me to start his haircutting practice. On the background the barber said 'I was telling him today, someone will come for shaving head and we will ask them for a chance. In this case, there is no risk, anyway we are shearing the head so no problem even if he gives a terrible haircut.' He also added 'Don't worry I would let him shave your head because it require experience. I can shave them carefully without hurting the skin'
Soon the guy took a scissor and started cutting the back side of my hair very slowly. The barber stopped him and asked him to cut the sides and back of hair using clipper #4. He also showed a guideline around my head. The guy took the clipper started cutting the back of the head giving a large stroke. The barber commented 'always give small strokes using clipper'. After completing the sides and back with clipper, the guy took a comb and scissors and started cutting the hair to blend it to top. With some guidlines of barber he finished cutting my front hair to a medium short length. It was a very decent haircut. It looked like the outcome of a experienced barber. I even throught of keeping the haircut and drop the idea of shaving head. After inspecting the haircut, the barber said to guy 'Now, use to clipper to take off all the hair. Use guard #1 in it, let's make him taklu(bald)'. The barber turned to me and said
'This will help to give a clean head shave, otherwise the big hair will make it difficult to shave and can also cut the skin'
I asked him back 'Why did you ask him to use #1, you can use #0 right?'
He replied '#0 means cutting using the clipper blade, it can scratch the skin. Anyway we are going to scratch with razor blade, #1 will not hurt your skin'
Soon the guy changed the clipper guard to #1 and started shearing the back of my head. I was getting goosebumps the moment he started cutting with #1. Through mirror I was able to find that it was close to scalp. The guy was quick, he finished and side a back soon and started working on the front side. Large mob of hair started falling from front side revealing the scalp with stubble hair. Soon he finished his task making me almost bald. I was so excited to see new look and was waiting to see myself with smooth shaved head. The barber came and brused away all the loose hair in my head. He took a large shaving creame tube and squeezed it over the top of my head. He took the wet shaving brush and started making shaving foam on my head. Soon my whole head was painted white using the shaving form. He took a straight razor and starting shaving the top of my head. He was very slow and careful while shaved my head. In 10mins he finished shaving my head but didn't stop. He again applied the shaving form in head and started shaving the second time. The scalp was so clean and I was not able to see any spot of hair in my head. He also applied after shave lotion and also a hand full of cold creame to my bald head. He also gave me a gentle massage. My head felt so light.

My friend stopped his story rubbing his bald head. I laughed hearing his story and said 'You are lucky to get this barber to shave head carefully'
'Absolutely! To get a smooth shave' he said and laughed.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Complete bald by gunjan

Hi there,its my experience 4 summer shave.I m gunjan,hair fatish.Frequently reading & visit sites 4 haircut & head shave. after every 2 months,I m going for haircut. 1 day after reading a story of haircut and watching a video of headshave,i visited a branded barbershop and asked a barber for a military haircut with a flattop.he cut my hair but i was not satisfied.after 2 months again i went 2 a barbershop and back due 2 not satisfied by last visit.came home & watched the videos of military haircut and headshave. Again went for a haircut and i got the roadside barbershop with an old aged barber. He was reading a newspaper. I entered in a shop and he asked me 2 sit in the chair.i sat in the chair and he asked me for haircut.i instructed him for a military haircut. He told me that it will b too short at back and sides above an inch of ears. I agreed, he quickly wrapped a white cloth and once again asked me that actually i want a military haircut? I just told him to go ahead without wasting a time. He take a brush, poured a talcum powder in it,bent my head down and applied it on my neck to above ear.he pulled out an electric clipper,plugged in and made it on but thanks to my goodluck power get fail. He now take his hand clipper, looked at me and i nodded for ready to go for haircut. He bent my head fully like my chin was touching to my chestand hold by his left hend and started by manual clipper, i was feeling very nice and exited by a CHUK CHUK sound of clipper on my nape. He clippered my hair upto half of ear level, he show me a back mirror and asked me that same is enough, i told him that i need a high & tight militarycut. Now he again started with a clipper,ran on my nape again and again above an inch or two of ear level, he turn my face twist fold my ears and ran clipper on my ears. I touched my nape and above ear area and feel the tiny hair but barber told me to wait before i say any word. He come with a small clipper again,bent my head and again started to from nape to over my ears, i was enjoying clipper cut. Suddenly i told him to shave me by clipper. He putback the clipper, and come with scissor and comb. Cut my all hair quickly uneven, big chopped hair falls on my laps,now he put the scissor on my scalp directly and cut hair all over my head. He come with an electric clipper but i asked him to go with handclipper as it will take more time and i love to enjoy. He started by put clipper on my forehead and a patch to centre of my head, he ran clipper all over my head again and again. He also ran the small teeth clipper and now my head is looked like almost bald. He asked me for over but i told him to shave me completely bald by applying shaving cream and straight he also was enjoying to shave me as he felt and aware by my hair cut and shave enthusiasum.he remove a white cloth cape and asked me to remove my shirt. I obey him, without asking me he hold my hands upwards and shaved my armpits by reverse shaving too. Caped me again and again shave me by run a clipper on my head again and again. Now its time for a shaving cream applied on my clippercut head, he applied on my head like massage and insert a new blade in a straight razor and shave me. Again he sprayed a water, massage and reverse shave by straight razor. As i told earlier that he was enjoying to shave me, he was not asking me anything now and continue to shave me as he likes. He again applied a shaving gel and by massage cover my head. By reverse stroking he shave me againg by gillete mach3 razor. Checked my shaved head again and again by rub his hand and shaved me completely bald. He forced me back now and applied a shaving cream on my cheeks and shave me, i tried to say a word but he told me for not to worry and he will shave me completely bald, he assured me that i will go to him frequently after this visit. He shaved my cheeks and my mushtaches to by reverse shaving. Its surpise to me that he now come with an electric clipper, removed a white cape cloth and started to shave from neck to chest up to my buttock, he loosen my belt and upto that he ran the clipper without any attachment on it. Suddenly he cape my laps with a big cloth, remove my pant and quickly shave my penis area too. After that he told me to wear my clothes and sit again. As i was enjoying much more, i obey his command. He again cover me with a white cloth, sprayed a water on my shaved head and face, rub his hand frequently and was feeling the smoothness and again shave me by frequent strokes and reverse strokes by gillete mach3 razor. He come with a facewash in his palm and applied on my face and head. Applied all over my head,face and neck, sprayed a water and cleaned by a towl and instructed me to sit. But Its not over at this, he Take a straight razor with new blade and shaved my eyebrows too by a single stroke. Also he cut the hair of my eyelashes. Again he applied a water and rub on my shaved eyebrows,by gillete mach3 reverse stroking he again shaved my eyebrows. He uncaped me and told me that he enjoyed a much to shave me. I asked him y he shaved my armpits, penis, chest and even Eyebreos and eyelashes as i not told him for that then he replied that he gets aware about my hair shave enthusiasm and even i instructed him to shave me completely bald. After that by every two months i m getting completely bald...

Friday, 12 February 2016

Shave head for my best friend by Wang Kang Hung

I'm Hung ... This year I am 22 years old, from childhood I liked the bald young man, especially I enjoyed the scenes shaved head in movies or in comics. When i watching this scenes in the body shave me very excited, blood flow back to the top of my head. I never revealed this to anyone, from childhood I had a dream of becoming a barber so I can shave their heads for the youths and the men, I like the feeling of being rubbed ones my head shaved by hand, I will free them to shave their heads as they should. But all that's just my weird dream only, I think it will never become a reality. When going to school through my head shaved shop glance inside often watched the man who shaved for their guests, I was very excited. Where I live, people just using a straight razor to shave their heads only. I have a brother who was a monk, he had a beautiful round head, when he witnessed the shaved head, I very agitated. He was shaving twice a month in the temple, I often run the same time to rub the polished his head after being shaved by someone else. I would also like his shaved head, but he did not allow and my mother, too. Others shave their heads or shave their heads in other people only dream of my life.
But life can the miracle that we did not foresee. Yesterday, I came to the home of Long, my best friend, he seems rather sad
I ask: why so sad Long
Long answer: I was just dumped by his girlfriend, I'm very upset and want to do something for fun.
I asked: Do you want to change a new face?
Long says: yes, but how?
I say: you should shave their heads to leave the sadness
Speaking truth to this extremely agitated when I was preparing to persuade someone to shave their heads ..
Long said: But now I have to keep the house and I did not have much money to shave their heads to the store.
I say: I will help you, if you want it
Long said, you sure can do okay
Me: Sure to 100000000000000000% - I am extremely happy to be shaved for Long
I rushed to the nearest shop to buy some necessary tools like straight razors, shaving cream and a box of razor head to shave head for Long. My brother is also a loyalty here. I raced for the Long home, he apparently waiting for me. I quickly ran to Long. He asked me now what he has to say please I quickly stripped off and go into your bathroom
He sat down and I started to spray water over his head, I rubbed his head for the water absorbed his head. I quickly mounted blades I stroked his thick hair and fondled them
I ask : are you ready?
Long answer: Yes, sir barber.
It's no pleasure in
I quickly grab a razor every hair on the top section of Long and scrape around. I open razors and staring from the center, white scalp was visible. I carefully scraped from the middle of Long leave early. Once completed, I began to scrape the sides and side burns. Finally I started scraping the front section of Long leave me with a bald head clean. I lathered shaving head and start again to ensure shaven. The cold that I felt after applying aftershave is soothing. I rubbed the bald head of Long with my bare hands. I gently kissed his lips shaved head of Long, Long stroking me so long, I shaved hair back rest, head of Long will ensure smooth. He was really excited with the newly shaved head, he kept rubbing it forever, looking in the mirror. he thanked me very much, but I really have to thank him had. He let me have a chance to fulfill his wish. After I shave his head for him, he decided to tattoo a picture on it And here are pictures

Monday, 8 February 2016

My first of many shaves by Andrew

It started out slow just saying hello on the dating site we were both on, ok we were both just out on the hunt for sex, both single and why not we all have needs. He was a large built guy like me but he was as hairy as hairy could be, 6 foot tall just 2 inches shorter than me with a full beard and a smooth shaved head, I thought he would not reply to me because he was as I thought so handsome. Me ok I'm a big guy, very little hair on my body, I got blue eyes a goaty beard with a good head of hair, it was getting a bit long but I like it the way it was easy to manage, just slip my fingers threw it and push it all back, as easy as that.  Anyway he did reply and like I said we were both there looking for the same thing, after a good few messages between one another we arranged to meet at my home, why my home because I'm the one with the picture of a sling on the site, he said he would really like to get me on that sling and have some fun. We both were into kinky things, not everyone is into the same things but we were and the more we talked the more I wanted this to happen. The room with the sling is just that a back bedroom with chains screwed into the ceiling with a sex sling attached, it has a wooden floor with a leather office chair that has arms and is on casters, what's the chair for, well some of the things I like to play on that sling involve someone sitting in a chair because it makes some things easy. The window has a blind on it but also is covered behind the blind so as not to let the light in, the room is lit by a colour changing bulb, like to have it on red, think it makes it that much more fun, have a few things on the windowsill like lube and a couple of toys. I have a hood, gag, leather handcuffs, collar and a whip but had never used them I just had them because I wanted them. Well after sending a few messages and him saying he would like to play he told me he liked to play a bit of bondage and would I like that if he tie me up, promised he would not have me there any longer than I wanted to be there. Thought why not, something new and you never know I might like it and want more so I said "yes" but told him I had never done that before but was willing to try something new for him. The day came when Pete was to come to my home to have a kinky play, we had arranged for him to come at 5pm and he turned up at that very time, I was shaking because this big handsome guy was stood at my door, I invited Pete in and we sat and talked for a wile, could not keep my eyes of him and that smooth shaved head made him look even hotter than in his pictures. Pete made the first move as he sat next to me he just went in for the first kiss and I just let him, he pulled away and said lets go upstairs. We got up and he held my hand as he walked me up stairs into the back bedroom. Yes we had that kinky fun on the sling and played for what seemed forever and as he helped me off the sling he kissed me and said "sit on the chair" he kissed me again as I sat down but this time it was more than just a kiss it was like he wanted something.  Pete asked me if he could put my leather handcuffs on me and I just held out my arms, he put them on me and slipped them around the back of the chair and hooked them together, he got some rope out of his bag and began to loop it around my arms first saying is it ok if he does this, I just nodded and he kissed me again, more rope and more until I could not get out of the chair even if I tried but it did not stop there. He picked up the ball gag and kissed me before he slipped it into my mouth and buckled it around the back of my neck making sure he lifted my hair out of the way, he said you ok and I smiled thinking he was just going to let me out anytime soon. Pete told me this is what I wanted and turned the chair facing the wall as he went to his bag, I was just sitting there and he came back with a hair brush and started to brush my hair in the direction it grew, slipping it over my face and over my ears but also slipping his fingers threw it as if to tease me with it then it began. I felt cold steel on my forehead of a pair of scissors as it cut threw my fringe just above my eyebrows, I started to shout but with the gag in i was just grunting moving my head back and forth to try to say stop. Pete smiled at me and just said "its going to happen just let it" by now I was struggling to try to free myself and the more I struggled the more I knew I was not going to get out of this.  Pete let me struggle until I just stopped, tears running down my face and I looked at him and he just smiled and said "have you given up yet" I just closed my eyes and he started to cut more and more of my hair off.  Pete stopped cutting my hair and I thought it was over, I thought  it was shorter than I usually had it but a barber could fix it as Pete ran his fingers threw my now short hair saying " it looks a lot better than it did" then he took the scissors and slipped them against my scalp where my fringe was and cut my fringe completely off, I thought nothing is going to fix this now as he just kept cutting against the scalp until he stopped. Pete unbuckled the gag and I just sat there still with tears running down my face, he push the chair over to the other side of the room and got some clippers out of his bag and told me he was going to clean the mess he has made of my hair with the clippers. I just sat there as he ran the clippers over my now almost bald head even moving my head so he could make a good job of it but not saying a word. Pete unplugged his clippers and slipped them back into his bag and I said " please let me out" Pete said " when I finished ok" as he went into my bathroom. I heard the running water and Pete came back into the room and put a wet hot towel on my head and rubbed my head with it and walked back into the bathroom leaving the towel on my head, the tap was running again but I had my back to the door so I could not see. Pete walked back in to the room and pulled something out of his bag, pulled the towel off my head and sprayed something on my head and them rubbed it in massaging it at the same time and said " almost finished" then he shaved the first bit. I was in shock again but this time just closed my eyes and let him do what he was going to do without struggling this time because I was just to shattered at that point, the water was to clean the razor of as he first shaved it with the way my hair grows then he wiped my head off with the towel and sprayed shaving oil on my head again and shaved it again against the way my hair grows so it was now as smooth as his head. Pete kisses me with such passion it just melted me inside as he started to take the ropes off me, I got up and went into the other bedroom to have a look into the mirror as he followed behind me, I was a bit shocked to see myself shaved bald as could be but Pete reassured me I looked good, he turned me around and kissed me again with so much passion we just slipped into bed together. Me and Pete are still together and every day he shaves my head smooth and still kisses me with more passion than anyone ever has.

My Headshave with Brief by Raghul

Here is a interesting story by Raghul

Hi guys, I am following this blog for sometime now. this is my first attempt in sharing my headshave experience in a blog, here it goes ...... It happened in 2007, The shave was done in order to complete my Vow in a temple ( for clearing my PG Exams ) i alone went for the shave, the temple is near to my home, just a 6 - 8 mins walk from my home. i went and got the token from the counter. while going to temple from home itself i felt my excitement level was growing much higher every moment, since we cant get the chance of getting shaved often, that too after i got the token in my hands and its definitely going to happen feeling was awesome, i touched my hair and said good bye my hair. I entered the shaving room, there is only one barber sitting, he was in his teen age, he called me in and collected the token from me, then he asked me to sit on the small wooden stool, i started to unbutton my shirt and removed my vest, i kept both of that in the plastic bag which i carried with me, then i took out my towel ( soft towel ) and by wearing it i removed my pant and i kept it in the bag and i came near to the barber and he adjusted the wooden stool in a correct position for him to do the shave, i sat on it and keep my plastic bag next to me, as there is no one around ( since the time is around 10.00 AM, so less crowd in temple ) suddenly a flash in my mind and asked him Me - can i remove my towel and sit with my brief for my shave, Barber - Why, you can sit with towel itself and get, Me - No man, since it was a soft towel all the hairs will stick to it and it was the only towel i have to use to dry myself after bath, the hairs will stick on me, Barber - ya, you are correct, but dont you have any other towel, Me - No yaar, Barber - Here also there is no waste cloth is there to use instead of your towel, in the mean while he found a small piece of cloth ( it was small in size like a handkerchief ) Barber - You remove your towel and i removed it he put that cloth on my thighs but it was just a piece to cover a small part, Then he bowed down my head and started to wet with water, mine is getting harder that time since, i am having my shave with brief, i never planned it, but suddenly felt little shy and worrying that no one should come for a shave now and that too no females should come around, but when the hair wetting session is in full swing i forget about all others and started enjoying every second of it, then he picked up his straight razor and put a new half blade, then bow downed my head towards him and hold it in one hand and start the first stroke, a huge strands of hair falls on my semi covered brief due to water dripping the piece of cloth and my brief was fully wet, so the most of the hair was falling were got struck to it ...... with in few mins he has done my whole front head, then he started to shave my mustache and beard, then he asked me to turn and sit, while i doing the same the small piece of cloth got strucked under my hand now nothing is covered over my brief, while i intend to pick and placing it back he hold my back head firmly and started the shave, and told me not to move and stay still. so i have no choice, once he finishes my back side he asked me to turn around now also am just with brief, he rubbed his hand over my head and searched for any missed parts, then he told all is done and i can get up, now i was in a full excited stage ( getting shave itself makes me very hard and that too in brief which makes me more harden ) it was a big bulge for me, while i stand up it was clearly visible as my brief is wet, i have no choice left other than getting up, so i did, i picked that piece of cloth to cover my bulge with it, now he asked for money and my wallet was in the bag, so i dropped the cloth and moved near to my bag and pay him, while i picked my soft towel to wear, the barber said clean your body fully before wearing it, then there is no use of you getting shave with brief, i smiled at him and said yes, i did the same and with my towel and went for bathing. it was a different experience for me . still i remember every moments of it ... hope you enjoyed reading about my experience......... happy reading guys.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Man shaved half head and half beard for driving license

Found an interesting story.
Meet Adam Brad, who was brave enough to shave his half head , half beard &mustache(on the flip side)  for a driving license

And the result was extra ordinary. Many people try to experiment with hair by trying out Mohawk, shaved head, buzzcut or even a half head shave but including these experiments in an identity card and keeping it as a memento for rest of life is seriously a creative idea which should be appreciated.
Let’s see how does he make this happen.
Adam looked like below before the chop.

He took time playing with a razor to shave his half beard.

Later after shaving his half beard he headed a barbershop for shaving his half head. I wonder how he convinced the barber to do so.

And the result is..

He looked like two different person from two different sides.  Brave haircut.

He added
'I shaved it all off that night, I had work the next day. I'm keeping the head shaved and growing the beard out now.
'My apartment had the water turned off that day, by coincidence. So I had to go to my brother's place to shave. I just forgot the trimmer.'

Source: Google, rediff