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Head Shave without a Reason

A True experience from my anonymous friend.

                                 Every time I visit a barbershop, I feel like to shear off my hair to nothing, but thinking about facing friends, family and colleagues always restricts me from doing it. All the time I think of getting a head shave or buzz cut but never tried except in childhood. I don't regularly go to one barbershop, every time I travel miles away to find a well ambient barbershop. I love going to barbershop and I spend hours waiting outside and watching others get shaved and trimmed. Some days I even watch men's head being shaved live in barbershop and those days become memorable in my life. Most of the time I ask the barber to shave my head and soon after he takes razor I act like changing my mind and go for a regular haircut.

Summer of 2015 is approaching, Last week one day I left my office early than usual, I had my plans to visit my friends home, to trim my hair and to bar. After visiting my friends home, my friend accompanied me to the bar.  I had four pegs of my regular scotch and started driving back home waving my friend at bar. On the way I remembered about my haircut, usually I don't visit barbershop if I am drunk. That day I changed my direction to find a good barbershop. I really wanted to visit a new barbershop that day. It was becoming late night and most of the shops started closing there business. After driving quite long distance I finally found a barbershop. The barbershop was in the first floor of a road side complex, All other neighboring shops were closed and the road was silent with pale yellow street light. I could see a customer on the barber's chair from outside. I slowly moved in to the barbershop and sat in the waiting chair. He almost done with his customer. The barber was a short and fair man with curly hair. Soon her invited me to the chair and closely capped me with a nylon black cloth. With a unpleasant face the barber asked me
"How you are doing?"
I paused a moment watching my reflection in mirror and said
"Well, Let me have a head shave with the straight razor, I usually get shaved during summer"
Usually barbers will have a surprise look after I ask them to shave my head. But this barber didn't show any reaction. He turned back to load the razor. That made me more and more exited. After loading the razor, he started drenching my hair, the drenching was too heavy and started massaging my head. Usually I ask the barber, not to shave head as soon as he loads the razor. But that day I was enjoying and I was delaying myself to stop the barber. Soon the barber opened the razor and parted some hair in middle of my head with his two fingers and placed my the razor in head. My stop command and the shaving of a strand of hair in my head was simultaneous. I finally came back to reality(I was drunk and it slowed me in saying stop shaving head) and saw a visible portion of my scalp in my middle head. I actually don't wanted to shave head and I felt goosebumps in my whole body. The barber stared at me and asked
"you said to shave and what happened now "
I said " I changed my mind"
He felt irritated and asked " So you want leave like this."
I was still in the shock and started realizing that I need to shave my head completely bald. The barber was waiting for my reply. I didn't have the strength to see myself bald for real. I need to prepare my mind before shaving my head. I apologized the barber and asked him to dry my hair and leave me alone. Though confused, the barber accepted my request and did the same, while leaving the barber chair he remind me that there is no other way to hide the shaved patch of scalp and its better to shave head completely to hide the awkwardness. With a dull face I left the barbershop and entered my car. I saw my bald patch through side mirror of car and even felt the scalp using finger. I spend sometimes looking myself in mirror, took a no of selfies in mobile. I finally decide to shave my head and found that barber beginning to close his shop from inside car. I reentered the barbershop. The barber stared at my face.
I said "I am sorry for the trouble, please shave my head bald"
The barber asked me to sit down. He first took a clipper having some guard on it and started trimming the front portion of my head. He continued to back ans side I found all my hair falling he and there. That was a random improper haircut, buzzing all my hair to #3. Then he squeezed down a portion of shaving gel into my head and stared brushing to produce a thick lather. He opened the razor and stared shaving from middle, the white scalp was visible. He carefully shaved from middle of my head to back. After finishing he started shaving sides and side burn. At last he shaved the front portion of my head leaving me with a clean bald head. He re-lathered head and started shaving again to ensure a smooth shave. The cold that I felt after applying the after shave lotion was soothing. I rubbed my bald head with my bare hands. After uncapping me, I asked the barber to shave my stubble beard and thick mustache as I found this is the chance to experiment everything. He lathered my beard and mustache and shaved them fast. Stepping out of the barbershop realizing the fact that I was completely bald and the effect of alcohol made me fall into a magical feeling. I felt my bald head with bear hands by continuously rubbing it.

Stay tuned for the After shave experience 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sorry for no updates.. Here are two stories from our readers

My son's Haircut 
by kukku

My son sunjay was 10 year old and he is studying in 6th standard ,two days before I took him to a barber shop to have his haircut Ii used to give him a normal decent haircut for him but this time I taught of giving a different stylish haircut when ,we reached  the  barber shop no one was inside ,I told to my son to occupy the seat for his haircut and he sat on the chair ,the barber capped him and asked me "what is to be done" I replied "get him a stylish haircut "then the barber asked me "mushroom cut will be more suitable and stylish for him "I said "ok" but by son looked on my face to change my decision, I told him "It will be very nice for you" the barber combed his hair downward and put a mushroom shaped outline on his hair and plugged the clipper to trim the hair under the line but the clipper was not in a working condition, barber told sorry to me for not possible to give a mushroom haircut to my son, so I got an idea in my mind  I told barber "Do the mushroom cut by shaving the side and back with a razor so that it will be a perfect mushroom shape "and the barber gave him like that as my wish ,with in ten minutes he completed it and uncapped my son ,i touched on his shaved portion of his head it was really so smooth ,i payed the barber and went out from there  ,while we are walking i saw everyone was looking on my sons face because of its stylish appearance ,i decide in my mind that i will give the same haircut to him on the next time but everything became wrong when my son comes back for the school on the next day ,his teacher and principal criticize his haircut and tell to change it when he comes next day to school otherwise he will be not permitted to attend the class ,i have no other way so i took him to the barber again to shave his head completely and today he went to school with a clean shaven head of smooth an shining appearance

Head Shave in public 
by Raju

Hai it was the story when I was in +2 Two first year . Me and my friend sanju are very close friends .Now we two r in Engineering second year .Our families are vey good friends as my father and sanju's father are classmates . After our 10th exam both of the families decided to get us admited to +2 science and we were admited to Akash Institute .We were staying in the holtel itself.  We had a good time and one long year passed , then it came for our summer vaccations . Both of us had passed the first year very bright . on april 9 uncle called me and told that tomorrow we are going to bring both of us home for our vaccations . Listening to it we were very happy . Sanju told me that we should go to a parlour for a hair cut as we didnot had our cut for last two month and ow we both are looking saggy with bushes of uneven hair . I told him we need a shaving too as we both had grown or mustache and beard off course this is the first time to cut as it had not been cut before . Sanju first touched his cheeks and said raju mine are very long and soft beard and mustache. He suddenly put his hand on my mustache and told your bush of mustache is very fine . Suddenly warden called us and told that sanju's father has ringed to the phone and we went to attend the call . It was very astonishing to listen that he asked us not to have any find of hair cut or trim as the two families had decided to give us a clean shave and ears pierced at our home.. Listening we both got very tensed and the whole night we talked about the ceremony that we are going to face . How we will be shaved ? Who all will be there? Discussing it the dawn broke and it was time to wake up get our selves ready to go home . Sanju for a moment told that he is not interested to go as he has gone very scared about the piercing and shy of getting completely shaved . I eased him and told that wht we will face both of us will face together. At around 11.00 am my father and uncle arrived we took our luggage and packed in the cars dicky. The uncle saw us and told good growth of hair and facial hair . Nice but not to worry every thing will be cleaned tomorrow . Say his started driving the car that day we had a marketing of our new dresses . two straight razors . gold ear piercing rings and many more . After marketing we returned to our home. Seeing us my younger sister said bro get ready for tomorrow's ceremony . I really got nervous . A night we had our dinner and then went to sleep . In early morning aunty came in and told us to wake up and ready we finished our routines and got a shower . at around 8.00 am the two barbers came . My father called upon us to the courtyard. Both of us went out and stood and saw the two barbers . Both the barbers are half aged soon one of the barber came near sanju and started seeing the beard and mustache and said good child very traditional one should not shave before being ear pierced .Then all of a suddern every body went in and the barbers started unbottoning the shirt and pant. We both were made 100% nude . One of them said to others that the armpit and pubic goins are very nice and to be cut at last. Now soon we were drenchd with water from our head . Then they started rubbing the hairs to make them soft and wet so that they can be easily shaved . They rubbed our checks , mustache , chin , head , armpits & pubic too. With this activity our shaft had grown hard , but with out bothering they started their work. I was bowed down and the razor started moving from the center of the head . The head was soon cleaned then it was the time of the facial growths and soon all the mustache and beard cleaned . then my pubic and armpit cleaned . At last a bucket of water spilled over me and the my ears got pierced . Then it was the turn of Sanju. His barber started with beard the mustache , arm pits , Pubic and at last head . Similarly he too was spilled with a bucket of water and his ears got pierced. Now we both looked at each other and enjoyed the fully cleaned look. I touched his face head and pubic and he too touched my head , face & pubic and told at last we both are now grownups . From today we both are grown up .

Will come back with more interesting realistic stories.

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Story no 4: A bob is what made it all happen by Jay
Story no 5: The clean top by Mike
Story no 6: My First Head Shave by Anonymous
Story no 7: Sudden Headshave by Krish
Story no 8: Summer Haircut ends in HEAD SHAVE by Admin

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Story no:7 # Sudden Headshave by Krish

Thank you Krish, You have a wonderful experience to share.

Name: Krish
Subject: Sudden Head shave

                 I am 22 yr aged guy ,having long hair just i kept this cut after the influence of captain jack sparrow i was maintaining my hair. I never allow anyone to touch my hair. I was so much attached with my hair. But one day everything came to an end. My uncle ringed me and said that my grandmother passed away, my mom, dad and I soon went to the village. The 10th day i.e daskarm day came, it is the day in which all the male relatives in the family should shave their head. First of all I refused ,and my parents also agreed and supported me, but the villagers never allowed and they told it is a custom and I should be shaved. After hearing this I tried to run away to some other village but soon my cousins were told to find me and bring me to village in shaved head.
                 One of cousin found me and told me that villagers finally agreed with u and brought me to all other cousins. Then he gave a loud laugh and told that I am fooled. All were in shaved head expect me. I tried to run away but soon my elder hold my hair and grabbed me. I cried but they didn't listen. He pushed me to the village barbershop. It was not a shop but was his house and was cutting hair at the corridor of his house. They pushed me towards the barber and told him that "isse fatafat mundan karo,ek bhi bal bachna chaiye",as the barber saw me as crying he denied that he will not shave me. But my cousin said the name of uncle who is panchayath leader and told that it is his order. The barber finally agreed. He looked at my face and said "You are now looking like a girl with that shaggy long hair, in 5 min you will be a boy. But I started shouting like anything, so the barber told my cousin to take me to lake side and he would come with blade. They took me and brought near the lake and told me to sit quietly but I was trying to run away. They forcefully removed my dress and made me nude to avoid me running away from there. Everybody was laughing at the nude me. I hide myself behind a huge bush, soon the barber came and asked for me. They told "woh raha nanga use aise sekh sikhau ki itna saf mundan karna ki mahina tak bal hi nai aaye".
He told "ok" and came near to me, I was weeping there, he said "bhachha mundan karwa le,ek mahine me bal aa jayenge". He soon asked my cousin whether  he can start shaving, my cousin replied saying "OK".
              The barber saw the feelings in my face and he asked whether it is the first time for me. And he asked whether to start or not. I took courage and gave signal for him to start. He poured bowl of water onto my head and he massaged for sometime. He said that "your hair is so nice sir" and he started by bending my head. He placed the razor on the middle of the head and started moving. I felt the cooling breeze which touches my head. He slowly moved my head towards my right side and a lump of hair fall onto my lap, he turned my head towards my left side and he did the same. It took just for a few minutes to complete the task.
            Tears came out of my eyes but I stopped them. At last the barber said that headshave is completed and he gave me the mirror to see my head without hair and it was wonderful to see the new face in the mirror.I was very much embarrassed with my bald head. Soon my cousin came inside and laughed on me , I went to village and got adjusted with my new haircut. Now i have 2 inches long hair, and I wish for another head shave. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Story no:6 # My First Head Shave by Anon

This is a story submitted an anonymous reader. Thank you for your effort.

Name: Anonymous
Subject: My First Head Shave


This is my story on how I became a baldie a few weeks ago.
I had been living with my mum and just seeing my dad at the weekends and occasionally one evening in the week. My relationship with my mum was not very good. We were constantly arguing about little things and she eventually told me that she wanted me out. My dad had always said that I could live with him if I wanted so I moved in. I did not change school so I did not lose any of my mates.
One Monday morning I finished styling my faux hawk hairstyle and went to meet Barry who I always walked to school.
After waiting about five minutes I saw Barry walking along with his hood up over his head.
Didn't think it was that cold to put a hood up. I thought to myself.
Morning!. Barry said as he arrived next to me.
Okay Barry, why the hood up? I asked, as we started to walk to school. You know I said I was getting a haircut on Saturday. Barry said.
Yeah, and I joked about you getting a buzzcut. I replied.
Well I didn t get a buzzcut, but went real short. Barry replied as he pulled his hood back to reveal his shaved head.
Oh man that s awesome! I exclaimed as I rubbed his head.
Yeah, its cool. Barry replied.
What made you lose it? I asked.
My brother was doing one of his mates and they said they would bung me twenty quid if I became a baldie. Barry told me. Before I knew it I was sitting there losing my faux hawk.
Wish I had been there to see it. I told Barry.
It happened so quick I didn't have time to call you. Barry told me.
We arrived at school and went to our classes and arranged to meet up at lunch.
The whole of that morning I could not concentrate on the lessons. I was just thinking of Barry with his bald head. Before Barry had got his head shaved I was planning to ask my dad if I could go bald for the summer the same as my dad was. My dad has been shaving his head for over 2 years now. Now that Barry had got his head shaved I was thinking of asking when I got in that afternoon.
Lunchtime finally arrived and I met Barry in our usual spot and sat down for lunch. We were joined by our mates Paul and Chris who both had the same faux hawk cut as me.
Are you going for the bald look? Chris asked.
Thinking about it. I Replied.
I m going to wait until my cousins wedding. Paul told us.
Why wait until then? Chris inquired.
Because I hate his religious mum and sister, and he has a boring cut, so I shall go bald on the day and see how they like it. Paul replied.
I might go bald at the end of term. Chris told us.
You will be bald before that. Barry told him.
After school finished for the day I met up with Barry again to walk home.
Are you planning on keeping the bald head? I asked.
Yeah, at least until the end of September. Barry replied.
I m going to ask my dad to shave my head at the weekend. I told Barry.
My brother will do it for you if he doesn't. Barry said.
If my dad won t do it then I will let him do it. I told Barry.
When we got to the top of my road I told Barry that I would let him know what my dad decided.
It seemed ages before my dad arrived home. He was moaning about the traffic and how it seemed to get worse. I got the tea out of the oven and we sat down to eat it. Dad, I want my head shaved on Saturday. I told him.
You want your head shaved? My dad asked, rather surprised.
Yes, and if you don t do it Barry s brother will. I replied.
What s made you want you head shaved? My dad asked.
My mate Barry had his done, and I want mine done. I told my dad.
I ll have to think about it. My dad told me.
Well don t think to hard because I definitely getting it shaved on Saturday. I said. What if you decide you don t like it? My dad continued.
It will grow out, more than yours does. I retorted.
Give it a few years you will go naturally bald. My dad told me.
I realised my dad was right. He started to lose his hair at 25 and his brother even earlier. So I will be bald at 14 then. I said.
Without me knowing that night my dad posted on the buzzboard and Wyatts clip board to see what reaction he could get about me having my head shaved.
The next morning all I could get out of my dad when I asked if he had made his mind up was You will have to wait and see.
Well I ve chucked my hair gel. I told my dad.
I can see that you haven t spiked it today. He replied.
Yeah, so that shows I m serious about having it shaved on Saturday. I said as I picked up my rucksack.
Wait and see what I decide. My dad told me.
I met Barry at the usual place and noticed that he had fine stubble on his head.
Thought you were shaving your head? I asked Barry.
My brother is away on a course and my dad won t do it. Barry told me.
Why not do it yourself? I inquired.
I m not that confident at the moment. Barry told me.
I told my dad last night that I wanted the shaved head. I said to Barry.
What did he say? Barry asked.
That he would think about it. I replied.
Offer is still there with my brother. Barry told me.
If my dad says no then I will be there. I replied.
As we got to school Barry reminded me that he was on a school trip that afternoon and was not back until Friday.
The rest of the week was murder for me. My dad still would not let on if he was going to shave my head on the Saturday. I kept on and on at him to see if I could get any idea if the answer was going to be yes, but all he would say was wait until Saturday and find out.
When I got out of school Friday I made my way home and was determined to get an answer out of my dad about what was going to happen the next day. When I switched my mobile phone on it came up with a message from my dad saying that he was going for a couple of beers with his mates and would see me later. He s determined to keep me waiting until tomorrow. I thought to myself.
Just after I had finished tea I got a text message from Barry asking if I wanted to go and have a game on his play station.
I sent one back saying I was on my way. When I arrived Barry s dad answered the door and told me that he was upstairs. I got to the top of the stairs where I saw Barry sitting on a stool in the bathroom with his brother, who was putting shaving foam on Barry s head.
Hi... be about five minutes. Barry told me.
Yeah okay then. I replied.
I hear you want to become a baldie. Mick said as he started to shave Barry s head.
Yeah, tomorrow hopefully. I replied as I watched Mick continue shaving Barry.
Well I m your man if your dad doesn't do it. Mick told me.
Thanks I ll remember that. I told Mick.
When Mick had finished I went into Barry s room and we went on his play station for a while before I decided to go home in preparation for my own head shave the next morning.
My dad was already in by the time I got home and in bed so I didn't get to ask about getting my head shaved the next day. I must have woken every hour that night. I kept checking the time and then dozing off again. I eventually fell asleep properly about five in the morning.
The next morning I woke suddenly and saw the time was nine o clock. I jumped out of bed and quickly dressed. As I walked out of my bedroom Barry was standing there with a camera in his hand.
I believe you asked for a haircut. Barry said.
Yeah, I want my head shaved. I replied.
Well we a spare appointment if you would like to walk this way. Barry said pointing towards the bathroom.
My heart jumped as I realised that I was going to get my head shaved. I walked into the bathroom with my stomach knotting up but also getting excited at the prospect of being a baldie. In the bathroom my dad was standing with a pair of cordless clippers in his hand. I sat down and put a towel that was on the stool over my shoulders.
How would sir like his haircut? My dad asked with a big grin on his face.
Shaved bald! I replied excitedly.
With saying that Barry took photos all round of my hair.
Ready to say goodbye, or do you wish to reconsider? My dad asked.
Just get on with the buzzing. I told him.
With that my dad turned the clippers on and took the first swipe straight down the centre. I looked in amazement as my dad deposited my hair in my lap, it must have been at least three inches long. My dad quickly carried on taking my hair down to mere stubble. The whole time Barry was taking photos for a website we were going to work on. When my dad turned off the clippers I couldn't believe the difference. I looked totally different and I couldn't wait for the final look. My dad wet my head and put the shaving foam on and left it for a few minutes before starting to shave my head with the grain. Afterwards he put more shaving foam on and shaved with the grain for a really smooth finish.
Like it? My dad asked.
It s awesome! I exclaimed as I rubbed my head.
You look real cool. Barry said.
When did you decide that I could have my head shaved? I asked.
The day after you asked me I got in touch with Barry to arrange it. My dad told me. You knew all along? I asked Barry.
yeah, I had trouble keeping it a secret. Barry replied with a grin.
If you want to stay bald I will teach you how to shave your head. My dad told me. No way am I growing my hair for the time being. I replied.
Barry and I made our way into town to meet Chris and Paul. I must have looked in nearly every window at my new look and a lot of people were looking at us. Paul and Chris were already waiting for us and both had a smile when they saw me.
We knew you were getting shaved. Paul told me.
Barry told us on Tuesday but were sworn to secrecy. Chris continued.
I have now been shaving for two months the same as Barry except when we grew it out for a couple of weeks and tried a Mohawk.
Paul got me to shave his head on the day of his cousins wedding as he said he would. Apparently his aunt did not like it at all and would not let hum go in any of the photos.

Chris is set to go bald the middle of this month when school finishes. His brother who is 16 is having his done for charity in a couple of weeks time.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Story no: 5 # The clean top by Mike

This is a story submitted by our reader.. thank you mike for sharing this wonderful experience of yours.

Name: Mike


"Next time I'm gonna shave my head for sure" I said this in my mind after the barber finished doing a medium length haircut. This is not the first time that I'm saying this in my mind. I repeat this oath of mine after every haircut. As you see I always had a desire to shave my head. But I fail to do it always. Bald head, head shaving etc.. always make me elevated. I invited my colleague and friend Einstein to share my apartment for two strong reasons, one reason - he is bald and other - he is a bald gay. Einstein is a fat guy with round head, he shaves his head every single morning from the day he joined my company. The day I met him I realized that I'm also a gay.
           We had a strong relationship for about 6 months, we take advantage of each other every single night. I always get elevated because of his smooth bald head. He never knew my desire to shave head, I was afraid to tell him because he would shave my head at that very moment. Sometimes when he is lazy he ask me to shave his head. One day he asked to shave down his head. While shaving I said "I would also like to shave my head like yours..". He stared at me replied "You look good with you hair... I don't want to see you bald" I was surprised to hear that from him because earlier he compelled me to shave my head but I didn't agree. Our conversion started becoming a confession and at last I told him everything.. about all my desire to shave my head. He was shocked when I said that I was a hair fetish and I loved him for his bald head. After hearing all these he took away the razor from my hands and shaved the remaining himself. I found that he is angry with me. He soon left to office and I didn't go to office that day. That was a hard day for me and I was totally depressed for no reasons. He came late at night, at that time I watching television ignoring him. I saw him breaking a bottle of vodka. He served me a peg with a smile. I took it and gave cheers to him. This was repeated and that day I crossed my limits in the number of pegs. I was too high and was out of control. Later I felt Einstein removing my dress and hugging me, soon I feeling something on my head, something was running through my head and I also heard some buzzing sound in my ears.. I was too high to recognize what was happening. After sometimes I felt my head was drenching and I was feeling cold, there was some masculine smell and I felt like I myself moving towards some darkness.
When I opened the eyes I saw Einstein holding a cup of coffee in front of me. I was in my bed and I found everything normal. I saw him hiding something in his back. I asked him "What happened yesterday and when did I came to bed?" He showed me the mirror which he was hiding. I was terribly shocked to see myself in that mirror. I was BALD with the clean top.. my head was smooth and shinning. I shouted at him and asked "What the hell did you do..??" He replied "Was fulfilling your long desire" and smiled. I realized that he intentionally made me high last night to shave my head. After rubbing my smooth head  I stared at him for a minute and at last gave a smile. He jumped towards me.. hugging me.. rubbing my head and kissed my bald head.

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