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My first of many shaves by Andrew

It started out slow just saying hello on the dating site we were both on, ok we were both just out on the hunt for sex, both single and why not we all have needs. He was a large built guy like me but he was as hairy as hairy could be, 6 foot tall just 2 inches shorter than me with a full beard and a smooth shaved head, I thought he would not reply to me because he was as I thought so handsome. Me ok I'm a big guy, very little hair on my body, I got blue eyes a goaty beard with a good head of hair, it was getting a bit long but I like it the way it was easy to manage, just slip my fingers threw it and push it all back, as easy as that.  Anyway he did reply and like I said we were both there looking for the same thing, after a good few messages between one another we arranged to meet at my home, why my home because I'm the one with the picture of a sling on the site, he said he would really like to get me on that sling and have some fun. We both were into kinky things, not everyone is into the same things but we were and the more we talked the more I wanted this to happen. The room with the sling is just that a back bedroom with chains screwed into the ceiling with a sex sling attached, it has a wooden floor with a leather office chair that has arms and is on casters, what's the chair for, well some of the things I like to play on that sling involve someone sitting in a chair because it makes some things easy. The window has a blind on it but also is covered behind the blind so as not to let the light in, the room is lit by a colour changing bulb, like to have it on red, think it makes it that much more fun, have a few things on the windowsill like lube and a couple of toys. I have a hood, gag, leather handcuffs, collar and a whip but had never used them I just had them because I wanted them. Well after sending a few messages and him saying he would like to play he told me he liked to play a bit of bondage and would I like that if he tie me up, promised he would not have me there any longer than I wanted to be there. Thought why not, something new and you never know I might like it and want more so I said "yes" but told him I had never done that before but was willing to try something new for him. The day came when Pete was to come to my home to have a kinky play, we had arranged for him to come at 5pm and he turned up at that very time, I was shaking because this big handsome guy was stood at my door, I invited Pete in and we sat and talked for a wile, could not keep my eyes of him and that smooth shaved head made him look even hotter than in his pictures. Pete made the first move as he sat next to me he just went in for the first kiss and I just let him, he pulled away and said lets go upstairs. We got up and he held my hand as he walked me up stairs into the back bedroom. Yes we had that kinky fun on the sling and played for what seemed forever and as he helped me off the sling he kissed me and said "sit on the chair" he kissed me again as I sat down but this time it was more than just a kiss it was like he wanted something.  Pete asked me if he could put my leather handcuffs on me and I just held out my arms, he put them on me and slipped them around the back of the chair and hooked them together, he got some rope out of his bag and began to loop it around my arms first saying is it ok if he does this, I just nodded and he kissed me again, more rope and more until I could not get out of the chair even if I tried but it did not stop there. He picked up the ball gag and kissed me before he slipped it into my mouth and buckled it around the back of my neck making sure he lifted my hair out of the way, he said you ok and I smiled thinking he was just going to let me out anytime soon. Pete told me this is what I wanted and turned the chair facing the wall as he went to his bag, I was just sitting there and he came back with a hair brush and started to brush my hair in the direction it grew, slipping it over my face and over my ears but also slipping his fingers threw it as if to tease me with it then it began. I felt cold steel on my forehead of a pair of scissors as it cut threw my fringe just above my eyebrows, I started to shout but with the gag in i was just grunting moving my head back and forth to try to say stop. Pete smiled at me and just said "its going to happen just let it" by now I was struggling to try to free myself and the more I struggled the more I knew I was not going to get out of this.  Pete let me struggle until I just stopped, tears running down my face and I looked at him and he just smiled and said "have you given up yet" I just closed my eyes and he started to cut more and more of my hair off.  Pete stopped cutting my hair and I thought it was over, I thought  it was shorter than I usually had it but a barber could fix it as Pete ran his fingers threw my now short hair saying " it looks a lot better than it did" then he took the scissors and slipped them against my scalp where my fringe was and cut my fringe completely off, I thought nothing is going to fix this now as he just kept cutting against the scalp until he stopped. Pete unbuckled the gag and I just sat there still with tears running down my face, he push the chair over to the other side of the room and got some clippers out of his bag and told me he was going to clean the mess he has made of my hair with the clippers. I just sat there as he ran the clippers over my now almost bald head even moving my head so he could make a good job of it but not saying a word. Pete unplugged his clippers and slipped them back into his bag and I said " please let me out" Pete said " when I finished ok" as he went into my bathroom. I heard the running water and Pete came back into the room and put a wet hot towel on my head and rubbed my head with it and walked back into the bathroom leaving the towel on my head, the tap was running again but I had my back to the door so I could not see. Pete walked back in to the room and pulled something out of his bag, pulled the towel off my head and sprayed something on my head and them rubbed it in massaging it at the same time and said " almost finished" then he shaved the first bit. I was in shock again but this time just closed my eyes and let him do what he was going to do without struggling this time because I was just to shattered at that point, the water was to clean the razor of as he first shaved it with the way my hair grows then he wiped my head off with the towel and sprayed shaving oil on my head again and shaved it again against the way my hair grows so it was now as smooth as his head. Pete kisses me with such passion it just melted me inside as he started to take the ropes off me, I got up and went into the other bedroom to have a look into the mirror as he followed behind me, I was a bit shocked to see myself shaved bald as could be but Pete reassured me I looked good, he turned me around and kissed me again with so much passion we just slipped into bed together. Me and Pete are still together and every day he shaves my head smooth and still kisses me with more passion than anyone ever has.

My Headshave with Brief by Raghul

Here is a interesting story by Raghul

Hi guys, I am following this blog for sometime now. this is my first attempt in sharing my headshave experience in a blog, here it goes ...... It happened in 2007, The shave was done in order to complete my Vow in a temple ( for clearing my PG Exams ) i alone went for the shave, the temple is near to my home, just a 6 - 8 mins walk from my home. i went and got the token from the counter. while going to temple from home itself i felt my excitement level was growing much higher every moment, since we cant get the chance of getting shaved often, that too after i got the token in my hands and its definitely going to happen feeling was awesome, i touched my hair and said good bye my hair. I entered the shaving room, there is only one barber sitting, he was in his teen age, he called me in and collected the token from me, then he asked me to sit on the small wooden stool, i started to unbutton my shirt and removed my vest, i kept both of that in the plastic bag which i carried with me, then i took out my towel ( soft towel ) and by wearing it i removed my pant and i kept it in the bag and i came near to the barber and he adjusted the wooden stool in a correct position for him to do the shave, i sat on it and keep my plastic bag next to me, as there is no one around ( since the time is around 10.00 AM, so less crowd in temple ) suddenly a flash in my mind and asked him Me - can i remove my towel and sit with my brief for my shave, Barber - Why, you can sit with towel itself and get, Me - No man, since it was a soft towel all the hairs will stick to it and it was the only towel i have to use to dry myself after bath, the hairs will stick on me, Barber - ya, you are correct, but dont you have any other towel, Me - No yaar, Barber - Here also there is no waste cloth is there to use instead of your towel, in the mean while he found a small piece of cloth ( it was small in size like a handkerchief ) Barber - You remove your towel and i removed it he put that cloth on my thighs but it was just a piece to cover a small part, Then he bowed down my head and started to wet with water, mine is getting harder that time since, i am having my shave with brief, i never planned it, but suddenly felt little shy and worrying that no one should come for a shave now and that too no females should come around, but when the hair wetting session is in full swing i forget about all others and started enjoying every second of it, then he picked up his straight razor and put a new half blade, then bow downed my head towards him and hold it in one hand and start the first stroke, a huge strands of hair falls on my semi covered brief due to water dripping the piece of cloth and my brief was fully wet, so the most of the hair was falling were got struck to it ...... with in few mins he has done my whole front head, then he started to shave my mustache and beard, then he asked me to turn and sit, while i doing the same the small piece of cloth got strucked under my hand now nothing is covered over my brief, while i intend to pick and placing it back he hold my back head firmly and started the shave, and told me not to move and stay still. so i have no choice, once he finishes my back side he asked me to turn around now also am just with brief, he rubbed his hand over my head and searched for any missed parts, then he told all is done and i can get up, now i was in a full excited stage ( getting shave itself makes me very hard and that too in brief which makes me more harden ) it was a big bulge for me, while i stand up it was clearly visible as my brief is wet, i have no choice left other than getting up, so i did, i picked that piece of cloth to cover my bulge with it, now he asked for money and my wallet was in the bag, so i dropped the cloth and moved near to my bag and pay him, while i picked my soft towel to wear, the barber said clean your body fully before wearing it, then there is no use of you getting shave with brief, i smiled at him and said yes, i did the same and with my towel and went for bathing. it was a different experience for me . still i remember every moments of it ... hope you enjoyed reading about my experience......... happy reading guys.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Man shaved half head and half beard for driving license

Found an interesting story.
Meet Adam Brad, who was brave enough to shave his half head , half beard &mustache(on the flip side)  for a driving license

And the result was extra ordinary. Many people try to experiment with hair by trying out Mohawk, shaved head, buzzcut or even a half head shave but including these experiments in an identity card and keeping it as a memento for rest of life is seriously a creative idea which should be appreciated.
Let’s see how does he make this happen.
Adam looked like below before the chop.

He took time playing with a razor to shave his half beard.

Later after shaving his half beard he headed a barbershop for shaving his half head. I wonder how he convinced the barber to do so.

And the result is..

He looked like two different person from two different sides.  Brave haircut.

He added
'I shaved it all off that night, I had work the next day. I'm keeping the head shaved and growing the beard out now.
'My apartment had the water turned off that day, by coincidence. So I had to go to my brother's place to shave. I just forgot the trimmer.'

Source: Google, rediff

Monday, 25 January 2016

Angry barber's revenge haircut

Bazil is my neighborhood friend. I always see him with a medium length nicely combed hair. He never grows his hair too long or never cut his hair too short. I know that he is a regular visitor of the barbershop in our town, but never knew that he was a haircut fetish. Recently, I saw him wearing a woolen cap hiding him head and ears walking through the street. I really wanted to know what was he hiding with his cap, so I followed him and I called him from behind. This is a true story shared by Bazil about his revenge haircut.

"Bazil!!" I called him from behind. He turned back, smiled and corrected his woolen cap.
"Whatsup dude.. Long time.. Are you in town now?" I asked. Bazil was working in a private bank outside the town.
"Yes dude! I got transferred here and I'm in town for past 7 months" he replied.
"Where are you going wearing hat and all? Where is your bike? "I asked too many questions at the same time.
"I just came out for a evening walk" he replied and mentioned nothing about hat.
I asked again  "Why hat?" He smiled and pulled the hat off. I was shocked and surprised to see his shaved head with a very tiny stubble of hair. He was looking really handsome with his shaved head.
"Why did you do that?" I asked by rubbing his bald head. "That's a long story" he replied.
"Common man.. I would like to hear that long story" saying that I accompanied him with his evening walk.

The Angry Barber by Bazil

Actually, I really wanted to a get a head shave for a very long time but I was not courageous to do that. Yesterday, I decided to get a haircut. My usual barbershop was closed  for a unknown reason. So I decided to go to a barbershop outside town.  It was a small barber shop with two chairs. I entered the barbershop and waited. There was only one barber who was serving a young man. The young man was getting a short haircut, the barber used the combination of clippers and scissors. I found that the middle aged barber was a tough guy. It seemed like he was getting irritated by all comments made by the customer.

Soon my turn reached, I demanded for a medium length haircut and barber started cutting with the scissors and comb. But inside my mind I had an idea of getting a really short haircut. Very soon he finished with my medium haircut. I was not satisfied with the medium length, so I asked to go shorter. The barber was irritated but he didn't tell anything, with an angry face he started cutting my hair shorter by using scissors, this time it was a faster cutting. He made the side and back of my head shorter, the shortest that he can do with scissors and comb and made the top of head shorter with a manageable amount of hair. Soon he finished, I asked the barber to go shorter with clipper on side and back. With angry face he shouted "Then why did you tell medium haircut at beginning??"
He started to trim with number #2 on back and side. He cut my hair on top shorter to match my sides and back. It looked like a military haircut.

After looking through the mirror for sometimes, I asked him weather he can go some more short, I mean really short. He was really irritated when I asked him to do that. He stared at me holding clipper in hands. He removed the guard from the clipper and started shearing back of my head. I was shocked by the barber's immediate action.
I shouted "Stop!! What are doing??"
At same time he shaved two big patch of hair from the back of the head.
The barber stared at me and replied
"I can't go shorter than this!! What do you think??  Are you utilising me with your idiotic drama? You first said medium haircut, then shorter, then really short.. What should I do?? You are wasting my time!!. Making you bald is the best think!!... Now do you want me to finish shaving your head or let you go like this??" He threw the clipper in his table telling this.
I was really disappointed, I know I was irritating the barber from the beginning but I didn't expect this from him. I asked barber if he can keep some hair on top and fix accordingly.
He was still angry and said "No! The only I will do is finish shave your head bald completely, if you don't want just get out"
I was left with no choice, I will not be able to go out with bald patch like this. Finally I agreed the barber to shave my head. I felt revenge in each stroke of his clipper in my head. Soon he made me completely bald, #0 all over my head.
"Thank you", I said and left the barbershop.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Some stories submitted in the blog

Hi Everyone...


I am attaching some of the stories submitted by our readers. Kindly note that I haven't made any spelling or grammar check for the below stories.

finally shaved my head


Hi im done finally ya my head is bald now (im mottai now) in tamil . Ok fine i'll tell my own experience im really happy with what had happened . We went to tirumala tirupathi on the very next day and after reaching tirumala we booked a cottage n then went to the place where I'm waiting for yes its the tonsure place many people where standing in the line me with my smaller amd elder brother and my sister where waiting in the queue but its going to be my headshave only after a while we went inside lots of ladies with long hair where shaving their hair by bending their head before unkown person I was admiring y. Before me there were 4 ladies one with hair cut n all the others for headshave the lady before me her hair was awesome I touched it and n without control I pulled it when she turned I said sorry that someone had pushed me that's y it happened. I was watching all the three ladies headshave process the barber wetting their hair with some rubbing m massage i thought how lucky he is wow after wetting he divides their hair into two n putting two knots like hair buns after when all the three ladies got their headshave it was turn the barber called me but suddenly a couple with one year baby came at the back of me n rushed i asked is tonsure is for ur baby they no for all three I was shocked because the lady was such fair newly married with waist length straight n smooth hair the barber wetted my hair which was back length I stood n allowed them to do I said prob I I have time first the guy got headshave next yhe lady sat before the barber I was excited to the peak when she bent her head she remove her clip thn the barber remove the band from her long hair when her opened oh my god I was thinking y n y her husband to accepted for that the barber massaged her hair n head with water well divides her hair n when the barber touched her head for shaving my heart beat increased hair fell just with the touch of the blade her head was clean shaved n she was not even thinking about that next her baby sat on her lap n finished the headshave next it was my turn I just sat before him again he wetted my hair rubbed well massaged well with her nails she rubbed n scratched my scalp dirt of sweat in hair m head came along over my face as I din took my headbath for nearly two weeks due to cold the barber nicely rubbed with her nail it was very pleasurable with that sound from my scalp n her nails thnn without putting knots she took her blade to shave I said y no hair buns she said due to dirt we will wash it well once shaved thn started to shave in the middle hair fell on my face I said its disturbing so she knotted only the other side after two stroke thn she shaved the loose side first now im half bald with hair bun at only one side my sisters n brothers watching me n laughing thn after two mins my hair bun was shaved now im clean shaved my sisters n brothers watched me n said hy mottai mottai... thn we got the dharshan n returned home in home other sisters were calling me mottai mottai mottai mottai. .... when they saw me because im shaving my head after 14 years.

Drunk n shave


I'm a 23 M. I am working in an Engineering company. It was a fine weekend when the other 2 friends went to native and i was all alone in my room. That sunday aftr reaching home in the evening, I planned to go for bar and so I started and enjooyed drinking till around 10pm. When I reached home, my long desire to head shave tempted me to do so. I was excited iin that drunken condition but my wish compelled me to do so. I went to the balcony where I found my shaver getting charged. Soon after taking that...i was completely mad and just trimmed the side burns lightly. That made me tempt more to get a shave. But I completely forgot about all other things to face my colleagues n friends. I removed the clippers and made it #0. The sound of the shaver made raising heartbeats. I slowly shaved the sideburns and started shaving entire side of ma head�� Then I saw half my hairs got shaved off and was in my lap. Then I did the same thing on the other side. Omg�� it was awesome. Unfortunately my shaver got slowed down and stopped. I didn't know what to do. That drunken mind again asked me to go for shave with razor. I got a pair of razors from my cup board and shaving cream. I thoroughly rubbed my half shaved head wth cream and then started shaving it. Within I minute my remaining hairs got shaved off. I was rubbing my clean shaved head wth my hand. Again I applied cream and started shaving wth rew razor. Now my shaved head was smooth. I enjoyed rubbing it again and again wth my hands. Then I had a bathe which was amazing feel to feel that cold water in my shaved head�� Then I slept because of tiredness. Morning when I woke up, I realized that I was completely shaved off. Oh my god.....i cant tolerate but it was the truth. Then I was seeing the mirror for a long time and rubbing my clean shaved head. But loved it����

The family cannon ball

The frozen thought

it happens when i was 15 years old. i was starting to know about those gender things and i dont know how become hair fetish . I started tring to cut my own hair and shaving my hands and legs. I had strange feeling and i know i am different and i doubt it is good or not. It is been some years my father got his goverment job and all my family and relatives are happy. But he has ended in some troubles in his job. My mother and father has a lot of conversations for a week and they planned a ritual trip for palani (a big hil temple of south india) . I partly know it is about shaving heads for me and my father . It finally happens . It is first time i am going enjoy head shave before it happed a few times all i cryed a lot. I grow dreams of it and waits to go there. Within a month our family started to palani its my first time in palani and i am so exited about it too . We got there by early morning 4:00 clock and my father plans to shave within hour and bath . We head straight shaving hall we have a four big bags so my mom ,sister and me stand on shaving hall my dad goes to get tickets. Then he returned and asks me to go and shave my head ,and all family likes to watch my shaving and my father is not going to shave i feel betrayed but i am getting shaved that gets me happy.
i sit before barber and removed my shirt. I feel so cold as i is early and my body starts to heated up. Barber dreanched my hair with water and i got nervous he loads new blade in rasor then bends my head ,starts shaving.

amazing experiance

i got up with bald head .i scraped it nice i was thinking we are leaving but dad asks me to go to bags and look arter it why?.

what you too shaving !! Mom and sister too!!"(*!*)"

i am speech less dad gives their token and asks them to go to shave my sister is lot worried in shaving , she got a two foot of hair it i definetly a loss, she will be getting back five years since she got boy cut.

And i noticed my mom is not worried about it she is even exited too, she got a meter long hair and not been worried, fishy.

i stand with bag in a corner and they both lost of my sight in searching a free barber to shave. I waited for some time my father shaved half of his head by same barbar who shave me.

i tends to move on to see my girls shaved. They both were sitting togeather next to next good for me. Both were just got their head wet and about to start.

SISTER;her Hair was partined in middel of head and both end was knoted. barber is perparing his blade and his instruments and cleaning the floor.She waved her hand towards me, i back to present and cooled my look it would be critical and must have disterbed her. I smiled at her and calls her mottai (bald)she laughs and calls me mottai, i realised me too mottai and i laugh out load, mom looks at us and smiles.

MOM;her hair too partioned and tied at both sides. Barber made her head bend down and turn right . He plans to shave her left side first. He wet her hair even more . Mom is cooperating barber very well sure she doest want any scraps.

SISTER: Her barber is ready to start his work and asking her go. She is really nervous, she waves her head and gather all her hair to her back and then she took it to front , she tries to memorize this moment and hair as it isnt gonna follow her back. Her hair is in her lap she holds its end in her hand tightly and i happly whispered to barber to go.

he bends her head down and starts to shave in a two inch from fore head, sisters expretions are extrodinary, soon her front head is bald he choses rightside and shaves it in sides and she is almost half bald, he asks her to turn back and sit so he can shave back side. He shaves her right back and in moments her right ponytail seperated from her head. As she holds it she take it high and looks at it crazly . I took that pony tail from her i got a great feeling never had a pony tail alone, she touches her blad part and smiles at me.

MOM;barber starts shave my mom on left side and he is doing is job. I looked my moms hair it reaches floor and even got a foot on it really long hair. Mom is literally not smiling but she got a happy eyes. Barber moves her head in all direction and seperates her left ponytail. Mom rotates and turns to me i give her my sister hair and took moms .whoo, it is really heavy , twice as my sisters. Is this is she is happy to lose it cant she bare this weight.

SISTER; Holding moms hair it comes from floor to my cheast i was wondered . My sister is enjoing her last minutes with her second ponytail. I forgot i never seen both my sister and mother on double ponytail, and when i see it they are losing it, my mom always have single braid and my siater in single braid or loose hair or double braid while to school, i sit near my sis and moved hre head to left she is wondering why i said you are beautiful in double ponytail, she open Her eyes wide and said now its only one ,and also says when i have enough of it you make me a double ponytail.

i suprised in that so i gain pass to hold on her hair but it is being shaved i left her head and barber shaved remaining if her hair, she got up and jn few minutes mom shaved completly. and now a family of cannon ball is ready.



Shaved head !!!!!!!!!!!! stimulating sounds !!!
This summer, my class had a picnic at the beach, but our group - 4 people, but decided not to go home and have a plan for this summer. We decided to change the shape of the hairstyle .... sounds like .We had this plan for a long time but only now decided to do it.
Our team consists of: Huy, Tu, Manh and me. We decided to shave our head at this time when we did not go to school. All 4 of us have a special favorite with the shaved head. We loved the shaven head and likes to rub it - a sense of excitement. Because of this, we often went to the temple close to the full moon day of each month to see the monks shave their heads and help shaved head other young monks, which is something we really like - there is also job volunteers and our hobby. Because the temple was really packed so grateful head monk us, they shaved their heads in two days , was 14 or 15 and 29 or 30 on the lunar calendar.
Today we decided to shave our heads.
As planned, we will be present at my house at 7 am to prepare, this month my parents are not home because they have to worry so my house is the safest place to implement the plan.
Our family does not allow us to shave their heads because they think that only monks are doing that. We do not think so, we'll do what we love, whereas this does not affect everyone. We like bald, we will become bald. Special Huy said he would shave bald forever, he is our leader, Huy always crazy with the shaved head, Huy was sneaky shaved head of his brother when he was drunk. It is the courage and passionate. He usually likes rubbing the shaved head of the young monk, sometimes he persuaded them to allow him to shave their head, and of course he had to pay some money to do it.
Suddenly I heard a loud bell outside the gate, Huy and Manh transported on a car, the bus ride to Tu. Our group has enough public gatherings, we fully buy items needed for shaving head, such as shaving cream top, straight razors, scissors, and a little varnish .... We quickly go the bathroom and do the job. Huy spray faucet took on all of us, he sprayed on top of us, .We quickly rubbed our hair back one last time when to retire from it. According to the order that we get, Huy will shave their heads to us. The first one is Manh shaved head, he is gay, he said he shaved his head because he loves his boyfriend so (lover of Manh no hair so he decided to shave his heads to his boyfriend he kindly). Before becoming bald Manh cry a lot he does not want thick hair and smooth away of him, but it was too late, worries Manh Huy change your mind razor should have taken an array a large array on top of Manh, Huy is a skilled barber, razor glide them across the head of Manh, the white scalp looming, the hair slowly fades Manh, Manh will become a bald perfect because he had a round head and a white skin so he looks very handsome when shaved head. Huy quickly shave off the hair remaining part of Manh on his head, the sound heard rustling razors and hair fall to the floor - it is stimulated ...... Huy told Manh that: "I am sure you your boyfriend will stimulate when seeing your bald head, you rejoice and enjoy hot fun with him”. Manh hair now gone, bald head pop up, try to shave off Huy hair strands little rest on the head of Manh. Huy spray water on the head of hair pieces to break off. Manh's bald head shining moment and very smooth, we quickly re-touching his head - an amazing feeling - I and Amendment feel restless and look forward to shave their heads as Manh. Huy massage head OF Manh very long to enjoy the feeling of a bald head- Huy very proud of the product his first ......
STORY will continue .......... Do you want me to tell this stories not ??????

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Head Shave without a Reason

A True experience from my anonymous friend.

                                 Every time I visit a barbershop, I feel like to shear off my hair to nothing, but thinking about facing friends, family and colleagues always restricts me from doing it. All the time I think of getting a head shave or buzz cut but never tried except in childhood. I don't regularly go to one barbershop, every time I travel miles away to find a well ambient barbershop. I love going to barbershop and I spend hours waiting outside and watching others get shaved and trimmed. Some days I even watch men's head being shaved live in barbershop and those days become memorable in my life. Most of the time I ask the barber to shave my head and soon after he takes razor I act like changing my mind and go for a regular haircut.

Summer of 2015 is approaching, Last week one day I left my office early than usual, I had my plans to visit my friends home, to trim my hair and to bar. After visiting my friends home, my friend accompanied me to the bar.  I had four pegs of my regular scotch and started driving back home waving my friend at bar. On the way I remembered about my haircut, usually I don't visit barbershop if I am drunk. That day I changed my direction to find a good barbershop. I really wanted to visit a new barbershop that day. It was becoming late night and most of the shops started closing there business. After driving quite long distance I finally found a barbershop. The barbershop was in the first floor of a road side complex, All other neighboring shops were closed and the road was silent with pale yellow street light. I could see a customer on the barber's chair from outside. I slowly moved in to the barbershop and sat in the waiting chair. He almost done with his customer. The barber was a short and fair man with curly hair. Soon her invited me to the chair and closely capped me with a nylon black cloth. With a unpleasant face the barber asked me
"How you are doing?"
I paused a moment watching my reflection in mirror and said
"Well, Let me have a head shave with the straight razor, I usually get shaved during summer"
Usually barbers will have a surprise look after I ask them to shave my head. But this barber didn't show any reaction. He turned back to load the razor. That made me more and more exited. After loading the razor, he started drenching my hair, the drenching was too heavy and started massaging my head. Usually I ask the barber, not to shave head as soon as he loads the razor. But that day I was enjoying and I was delaying myself to stop the barber. Soon the barber opened the razor and parted some hair in middle of my head with his two fingers and placed my the razor in head. My stop command and the shaving of a strand of hair in my head was simultaneous. I finally came back to reality(I was drunk and it slowed me in saying stop shaving head) and saw a visible portion of my scalp in my middle head. I actually don't wanted to shave head and I felt goosebumps in my whole body. The barber stared at me and asked
"you said to shave and what happened now "
I said " I changed my mind"
He felt irritated and asked " So you want leave like this."
I was still in the shock and started realizing that I need to shave my head completely bald. The barber was waiting for my reply. I didn't have the strength to see myself bald for real. I need to prepare my mind before shaving my head. I apologized the barber and asked him to dry my hair and leave me alone. Though confused, the barber accepted my request and did the same, while leaving the barber chair he remind me that there is no other way to hide the shaved patch of scalp and its better to shave head completely to hide the awkwardness. With a dull face I left the barbershop and entered my car. I saw my bald patch through side mirror of car and even felt the scalp using finger. I spend sometimes looking myself in mirror, took a no of selfies in mobile. I finally decide to shave my head and found that barber beginning to close his shop from inside car. I reentered the barbershop. The barber stared at my face.
I said "I am sorry for the trouble, please shave my head bald"
The barber asked me to sit down. He first took a clipper having some guard on it and started trimming the front portion of my head. He continued to back ans side I found all my hair falling he and there. That was a random improper haircut, buzzing all my hair to #3. Then he squeezed down a portion of shaving gel into my head and stared brushing to produce a thick lather. He opened the razor and stared shaving from middle, the white scalp was visible. He carefully shaved from middle of my head to back. After finishing he started shaving sides and side burn. At last he shaved the front portion of my head leaving me with a clean bald head. He re-lathered head and started shaving again to ensure a smooth shave. The cold that I felt after applying the after shave lotion was soothing. I rubbed my bald head with my bare hands. After uncapping me, I asked the barber to shave my stubble beard and thick mustache as I found this is the chance to experiment everything. He lathered my beard and mustache and shaved them fast. Stepping out of the barbershop realizing the fact that I was completely bald and the effect of alcohol made me fall into a magical feeling. I felt my bald head with bear hands by continuously rubbing it.

Stay tuned for the After shave experience 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sorry for no updates.. Here are two stories from our readers

My son's Haircut 
by kukku

My son sunjay was 10 year old and he is studying in 6th standard ,two days before I took him to a barber shop to have his haircut Ii used to give him a normal decent haircut for him but this time I taught of giving a different stylish haircut when ,we reached  the  barber shop no one was inside ,I told to my son to occupy the seat for his haircut and he sat on the chair ,the barber capped him and asked me "what is to be done" I replied "get him a stylish haircut "then the barber asked me "mushroom cut will be more suitable and stylish for him "I said "ok" but by son looked on my face to change my decision, I told him "It will be very nice for you" the barber combed his hair downward and put a mushroom shaped outline on his hair and plugged the clipper to trim the hair under the line but the clipper was not in a working condition, barber told sorry to me for not possible to give a mushroom haircut to my son, so I got an idea in my mind  I told barber "Do the mushroom cut by shaving the side and back with a razor so that it will be a perfect mushroom shape "and the barber gave him like that as my wish ,with in ten minutes he completed it and uncapped my son ,i touched on his shaved portion of his head it was really so smooth ,i payed the barber and went out from there  ,while we are walking i saw everyone was looking on my sons face because of its stylish appearance ,i decide in my mind that i will give the same haircut to him on the next time but everything became wrong when my son comes back for the school on the next day ,his teacher and principal criticize his haircut and tell to change it when he comes next day to school otherwise he will be not permitted to attend the class ,i have no other way so i took him to the barber again to shave his head completely and today he went to school with a clean shaven head of smooth an shining appearance

Head Shave in public 
by Raju

Hai it was the story when I was in +2 Two first year . Me and my friend sanju are very close friends .Now we two r in Engineering second year .Our families are vey good friends as my father and sanju's father are classmates . After our 10th exam both of the families decided to get us admited to +2 science and we were admited to Akash Institute .We were staying in the holtel itself.  We had a good time and one long year passed , then it came for our summer vaccations . Both of us had passed the first year very bright . on april 9 uncle called me and told that tomorrow we are going to bring both of us home for our vaccations . Listening to it we were very happy . Sanju told me that we should go to a parlour for a hair cut as we didnot had our cut for last two month and ow we both are looking saggy with bushes of uneven hair . I told him we need a shaving too as we both had grown or mustache and beard off course this is the first time to cut as it had not been cut before . Sanju first touched his cheeks and said raju mine are very long and soft beard and mustache. He suddenly put his hand on my mustache and told your bush of mustache is very fine . Suddenly warden called us and told that sanju's father has ringed to the phone and we went to attend the call . It was very astonishing to listen that he asked us not to have any find of hair cut or trim as the two families had decided to give us a clean shave and ears pierced at our home.. Listening we both got very tensed and the whole night we talked about the ceremony that we are going to face . How we will be shaved ? Who all will be there? Discussing it the dawn broke and it was time to wake up get our selves ready to go home . Sanju for a moment told that he is not interested to go as he has gone very scared about the piercing and shy of getting completely shaved . I eased him and told that wht we will face both of us will face together. At around 11.00 am my father and uncle arrived we took our luggage and packed in the cars dicky. The uncle saw us and told good growth of hair and facial hair . Nice but not to worry every thing will be cleaned tomorrow . Say his started driving the car that day we had a marketing of our new dresses . two straight razors . gold ear piercing rings and many more . After marketing we returned to our home. Seeing us my younger sister said bro get ready for tomorrow's ceremony . I really got nervous . A night we had our dinner and then went to sleep . In early morning aunty came in and told us to wake up and ready we finished our routines and got a shower . at around 8.00 am the two barbers came . My father called upon us to the courtyard. Both of us went out and stood and saw the two barbers . Both the barbers are half aged soon one of the barber came near sanju and started seeing the beard and mustache and said good child very traditional one should not shave before being ear pierced .Then all of a suddern every body went in and the barbers started unbottoning the shirt and pant. We both were made 100% nude . One of them said to others that the armpit and pubic goins are very nice and to be cut at last. Now soon we were drenchd with water from our head . Then they started rubbing the hairs to make them soft and wet so that they can be easily shaved . They rubbed our checks , mustache , chin , head , armpits & pubic too. With this activity our shaft had grown hard , but with out bothering they started their work. I was bowed down and the razor started moving from the center of the head . The head was soon cleaned then it was the time of the facial growths and soon all the mustache and beard cleaned . then my pubic and armpit cleaned . At last a bucket of water spilled over me and the my ears got pierced . Then it was the turn of Sanju. His barber started with beard the mustache , arm pits , Pubic and at last head . Similarly he too was spilled with a bucket of water and his ears got pierced. Now we both looked at each other and enjoyed the fully cleaned look. I touched his face head and pubic and he too touched my head , face & pubic and told at last we both are now grownups . From today we both are grown up .

Will come back with more interesting realistic stories.